Commonly Confused Words (a-6)

amoral vs immoral  amoral not caring about their moral or immoral behavior: Nicholas is a self-centered, amoral person pursuing his own goals. immoral not considered to be right or honest by most people: They think dancing is sinful and immoral.     angel messenger of God, good person: Be an …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-5)

amend vs emend  already previously, before now Anna has already agreed to come. all ready completely ready She was all ready to leave.   altar holy table or platform: The couple will exchange vows at the altar. alter change: Can we alter the date of the meeting?   altogether completely, …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-4)

aloud vs allowed  all ways every way, every method We tried all ways to fix the oil spill. always  all the time, at all time  You are always on time.   allusion indirect reference She made no allusion to her first marriage. illusion a false belief or idea All these …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-3)

allude vs elude aid help; assist He can breathe only with the aid of a ventilator. aide assistant He worked as an aide to the mayor for three years.   ail to cause trouble, afflict There is no simple solution to what ails our education system. ale a type of …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-1)

accept vs except abjure renounce (a belief or claim) She is trying to make her husband abjure his religion. adjure urge or request earnestly The judge adjured him to tell the truth.   accede to agree They had little choice but to accede. exceed to go beyond, surpass The final …

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