Commonly Confused Words (a-3)

allude vs elude aid help; assist He can breathe only with the aid of a ventilator. aide assistant He worked as an aide to the mayor for three years.   ail to cause trouble, afflict There is no simple solution to what ails our education system. ale a type of …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-1)

accept vs except abjure renounce (a belief or claim) She is trying to make her husband abjure his religion. adjure urge or request earnestly The judge adjured him to tell the truth.   accede to agree They had little choice but to accede. exceed to go beyond, surpass The final …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-2)

advice vs advise  ad short for advertisement We should put an ad in the local paper. add to include We want to add your name to the list.   adapt to adjust, get used to We’ll adapt quickly to the new system. adopt accept as your own They decided to …

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