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Commonly confused words

Commonly Confused Words (d-5)

dessert vs desert  I don’t mean to deprecate your accomplishments. – New cars depreciate as soon as they are on the road. Can described the house in perfect detail? – I ascribe good grade in the exam to your hard work. I would like some apple pie for dessert? – This part of …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-4)

depart vs deport  delude (make someone believe what is not true): You shouldn’t delude him into believing it. dilute (make a liquid thinner or less strong): Dilute the paint with a little thinner accordingly. demur (disagreement or refusal): After all he accepted without demur. demure (quiet and rather shy and well behaved): She …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-3)

deer vs dear  deep (far down, distance from the top to the bottom): Still waters have deep bottoms. dip (lower into a liquid): Dip your finger in shortly to see how hot the water is. I saw a herd of deer of about ten. He is a dear friend of mine. We …

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Commonly confused words (d-2)

damp vs dump  damp (slightly wet): My hair is still damp from the shower. I am wiping the table with a damp cloth. dump (put down carelessly): She came home and then dumped her bag on the floor. I want to make a deal with you. Basil, mint and dill are all herbs. …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-1)

dairy vs diary dab (touch lightly): Dab your eye with a tissue till it’s clean. dub (change the original language): He’d rather watch a movie with subtitles than one dubbed into English. The doctor told me to cut down red meat and dairy. Daniel used to keep a diary when …

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