Animal idioms (2)

catnap → fish water a catnap a short sleep: If I could take a catnap now, Surly I would feel much better later on. a chicken hearted man a coward person: He is a chicken-hearted man, and still afraid of the dark. catnap → fish water  (Click on the title …

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ability   (the fact of being able to do something): ꭗ The noise also is destroying my a- of thinking. √ The noise also is destroying my a- to think. ab- (skill, expertness, or talent): ꭗ These exercise by all mean develop your a- of reading. √ These exercise by …

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Synonyms bake   (cook things such as bread or cakes by dry heat): I bake bread every day. fry (cook in hot oil or fat): Fry the onions until golden brown. roast (cook meat or vegetables by dry heat): I’m going to roast the chicken. broil (cook food directly over …

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Food and Drink Idioms (5)

Food drink idioms 5  a grain of truth (a very small amount of truth): There is not a grain of truth in what she said. a greasy spoon (a dingy small cheap restaurant): We all got sick after eating at a greasy spoon. a knuckle sandwich informal (a punch in …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-3)

deer vs dear deep (far down, distance from the top to the bottom): Still waters have deep bottoms. dip (lower into a liquid): Dip your finger in shortly to see how hot the water is. deer vs dear (Click on the title to read more.)

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