Food and Drink Idioms (6)

Food Drinks idioms 6 a piece of the pie (a share of something): Since profits are higher this year, we will get a bigger piece of the pie.  a square meal (a big or nutritious meal): I need a square meal after all that exercise. as easy as pie (very …

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12. accredit → accuse

accredit → accuse  accredit (accept or approve): They accredit programs that meet their high standards. accredit: We accredit the airplane invention to Wright brothers. accrue (accumulate benefits): Interest will accrue if you keep the money in your account. accumulate: I’ll accumulate enough cash to get out of debt eventually. accumulate …

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Animal idioms (1)

beast burden → cat dog life a beast of burden (an animal to carry heavy things): A donkey in fact is a beasts of burden. a cat and dog life (an unhappy and full of quarrels life): Almost since the first day, we live a cat and dog life. beast …

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Heart idioms (7)

idioms heart 7 cold-hearted (cruel, uncaring, unfeeling): He became a cold hearted killer consequently. hand on heart (swear that something is true): Are you telling me, hand on heart, that you will never read my private messages? harden your heart (make yourself stop having friendly feelings): She finally  harden her …

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