Synonyms accomplish   (achieve or complete successfully): We have accomplished all we set out to do. achieve (to succeed in doing something after a lot of work or effort): He finally achieved success. We will use every possible means to achieve our goal. carry out (to do something that you …

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Synonyms ability   (the power or skill to do something): You seem to have lost your ability to attract clients lastly.  skill (an ability to do an activity or job well): Swimming is a useful skill. competence (the ability to do something successfully or efficiently): Undoubtedly the work is beyond …

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Everyday vs. every day

everyday-vs-every-day: Everyday [one word] {only before noun} (=used or happening every day, regular, usual): The internet is just part of everyday life. Every day (each day): I check my Facebook every day when I have time. everyday-vs-every-day (Click on the title to read more.)  

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get acquire: He gets more money than I do. – receive: Did you get my letter? fetch: Get him some coffee while you’re up. Get more. ( by clicking on the title.)  

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