Synonyms calculate   (to find out a total number): I need to calculate how much we spend in a month. work out (to calculate something): We also need to work out the total cost of the vacation. compute (to calculate using machine): Can you compute the square root of 2025? …

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Synonyms award   (something given in honor of an achievement): Jack won the award for best actor. prize (something given to the winner of a contest or a lottery): He won first prize in last month’s competition. reward (something given in exchange for good behavior or achievement): Anna in fact …

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10. acclaim → accomplish

acclaim → accomplish  acclaim (public approval or praise): Sofia indeed deserves the acclaim she has received. accolade (praise or honor): Her approval was the highest accolade I could have received so far. accommodate (provide a place to stay): They will accommodate the team in a luxury hotel during their stay. …

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Synonyms background  (a person’s past experiences, knowledge, education etc.): But we need to know more about your background. record (information about character or achievements): We are not employing anyone with a criminal record. past (the history of a person): No one knows about my past. history (a record of past …

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