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Commonly Confused Words (a-6)

amoral vs immoralamoral vs immoral

 amoral not caring about their moral or immoral behavior: Nicholas is a self-centered, amoral person pursuing his own goals.

immoral not considered to be right or honest by most people: They think dancing is sinful and immoral.



angel messenger of God, good person: Be an angel and make the Dinner, will you?

angle shape made by joining 2 straight lines There is a 40-degree angle between the two lines.


annual yearly: It’s time for your annual checkup.

annul cancel: They want also to annul the marriage.


apart separately: His parents are living apart so far.

a part one section of: A part of the book is also missing.


apposite very appropriate or suitable: What he said is apposite to the current debate indeed.

opposite contrary, completely different: Zoe is a very calm person, but her brother is just the opposite.

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