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4. abreast of → account for

abreast of → account for abreast of (next to, level with): I have to walk more quickly to stay abreast of him. (up to date with): It’s important to keep abreast of the latest technology.   abreast of (aware of, informed about): She like to keep abreast of the latest …

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3. absent without leave → according to

absent leave → according Jack was AWOL from the school and got into a lot of trouble with his parents. accidentally on purpose (done on purpose but pretend that it was an accident): Jack bumped into her accidentally on purpose.  According to all accounts, this film is the best one …

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2. about face → above the law

about face → above the law  I had left my keys behind, so I did quick about face to get them. My father did an about face on his rule about not to play in the yard. Now we can do it if we want. It’s about time that our …

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1. abandon ship → above reproach

abandon ship → above reproach  abandon ship (to leave a group or company because you think it will fail): The manager and most of engineers had already abandoned ship. a bed of rose (easy and without troubles): Life is not always a bed of roses. abide by (accept and act …

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