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Commonly Confused Words (a-1)

accept vs exceptaccept vs except

abjure renounce (a belief or claim) She is trying to make her husband abjure his religion.

adjure urge or request earnestly The judge adjured him to tell the truth.


accede to agree They had little choice but to accede.

exceed to go beyond, surpass The final cost will not exceed $3000.


accent pronunciation common to a region She has also a strong American accent.

ascent the act of rising or climbing The balloon began its gradual into the air.

assent consent, agreement They also gave their assent to the project.


accept to agree to It was true, but it’s hard to accept.

except not including, apart from Our office is open every day except Sunday.

accident something that happens unexpectedly or not planned in advance Our meeting was just an accident.

incident event or occurrence When exactly did the incident occur?

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